Senate Democrats Block Tennessee Senator Marsha Blackburn’s Bill to Require Familial DNA Testing at Southern Border

Group of immigrants at border

Democrat members of the U.S. Senate unanimously moved to block Tennessee U.S. Senator Marsha Blackburn’s (R-TN) bill that would require a DNA test to determine the relationship between illegal immigrants and any accompanying children crossing the U.S.-Mexico border.

Blackburn introduced the End Child Trafficking Now Act last year after the Biden administration ended all DNA familial testing at the border.

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Guatemalan Authorities Investigate Biden-Linked NGO Suspected of Child-Trafficking Crimes


A Biden-linked Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) that has been active on both sides of the U.S.-Mexico border is being investigated in Guatemala for child trafficking.

Guatemalan authorities raided the offices of Save the Children on April 25, citing complaints of sexual abuse of Guatemalan children in Texas shelters. The raid was reportedly carried out by officers from the Special Public Prosecutor Against Impunity and the Civil Police.

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South Carolina Attorney General Pens Letter to Biden Administration Condemning Child Migrant Trafficking

South Carolina’s attorney general sent a letter to the Biden administration over the human trafficking of minor migrants and demanded answers on 85,000 missing children who are believed to be the victims of human trafficking.

“The United States needs to stop handing over children to ‘probable traffickers,'” said a letter from South Carolina Attorney General Alan Wilson, addressed to Department of Homeland Security Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, Department of Health and Human Services Secretary Xavier Becerra and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) Director Christopher Wray. “President Biden’s border crisis has reached never-before-seen levels. Even worse, we now learn that the Department of Health and Human Services cannot find more than 85,000 migrant children who entered our country over the last two years. Reports show that many of those children have been forced into the labor market, where they work debilitating hours under dangerous conditions in violation of child-labor laws or are sex trafficked.”

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10 Men Arrested in Tennessee Child Prostitution Sting as State Sees Increase in Human Trafficking of Minors

The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) revealed that agents with its Human Trafficking Unit worked with local law enforcement in Williamson County and Spring Hill to arrest 10 men who allegedly solicited minors for sex.

In a press release, TBI explains that on November 16 and November 17, undercover officers placed “several decoy advertisements on websites known to be linked to prostitution and commercial sex.” The portrayed themselves to be minor children, and the agency reported that “ten men were charged with patronizing prostitution of a minor” and were booked into the Williamson County Jail.

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TBI Joint Operation with Federal Law Enforcement Results in Locating 13 Child Victims of Human Trafficking

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The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation (TBI) in conjunction with federal and local law enforcement completed an operation in Memphis to rescue 13 children who are suspected victims of human trafficking. 

Participating in the operation, which was called Operation Not for Sale, were the United States Marshals Service, Homeland Security Investigations, the Memphis Police Department’s Human Trafficking Task Force and Organized Crime Unit, and the Tennessee Department of Children’s Services’ Absconder Unit and Human Trafficking Response Team, according to a release. 

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Rep. Chris Smith to Introduce Federal Child Trafficking Legislation Drafted in Collaboration with ‘Sound of Freedom’ Producer

U.S. Representative Chris Smith (R-NJ) announced Friday in advance of Sunday’s World Day Against Trafficking in Persons that he is planning to introduce legislation that would require the federal government to provide reports on its work investigating potential child trafficking related to the unaccompanied minors released from federal custody and with whom contact has now been lost.

“In the near future, I will be introducing new legislation drafted in collaboration with Eduardo Verastegui—the producer of ‘Sound of Freedom’ and Roger Severino of The Heritage Foundation,” Smith said in a press statement sent to The Star News Network, further detailing that the legislation would “require the federal government to report on efforts to locate, establish contact with, conduct wellness checks on, and investigate any suspicion of human trafficking related to the approximately 85,000 unaccompanied minors who were released from federal government custody and with whom subsequent contact has been lost.”

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Wisconsin Sen. Ron Johnson and GOP Colleagues Urge Democrat Committee Chairmen to Investigate Human Trafficking

Wisconsin U.S. Senator Ron Johnson (R) led the Senate Republican conference in a letter to Senate Democrat committee chairmen urging them to hold hearings and investigate human trafficking, a press statement from Johnson’s office stated Monday.

The letter, sent to Senators Richard Blumenthal (D-CT), chairman of the Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations; Richard Durbin (D-IL), who chairs the Committee on the Judiciary; Gary Peters (D-MI), chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs; and Robert Menendez (D-NJ), chair of the Committee on Foreign Relations, urges increased oversight and investigations into human trafficking.

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Angel Studios’ ‘Sound of Freedom’ Projecting to Cross $100 Million in Box Office Revenue

Crowdfund platform Angel Studios announced Sunday its July cumulative-to-date box office revenue for its true-life child trafficking thriller Sound of Freedom is projected to be over $85 million through Sunday with the anticipation of crossing the $100 million mark this week.

Angel Studios, which has also distributed the blockbuster faith series The Chosen, said Sound of Freedom, driven by its star Jim Caviezel, showed a $27 million box office draw in the second week of the film’s release in America since it opened July 4, and earned the top spot at the box office with the help of its Pay It Forward fans.

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Angel Studios Celebrates ‘Over 450 New Theaters Added’ for ‘Sound of Freedom’

The platform and studio that distributes the popular crowdfunded thriller Sound of Freedom has announced that “over 450 new theaters have been added for the film’s upcoming weekend” showings despite “rumors” spread on social media that claim AMC theaters are making it difficult for fans to see the film in their local theaters.

“We understand there are rumors—predominantly in social media—that AMC theaters have made it difficult for fans to see Sound of Freedom in local AMC theaters, and we want to make it clear these rumors are not accurate,” Brandon Purdie, head of Angel Theatrical Distribution, said in a press statement Thursday. “AMC has been an outstanding partner for Angel Studios, and in fact, as a result of the movie’s performance and consumer demand, AMC has agreed to add additional screens for Sound of Freedom this weekend.”

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Commentary: The Left Fights Against Children, We Must Continue to Fight FOR Them

The Marxist Left, dedicated to undermining the liberties, traditions, and values that make America unique and exceptional, is waging a war on children – both born and unborn – in the United States and even right here in Tennessee.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, the Marxist Left fought to keep schools shuttered and to forcibly mask our kids, resulting in an anxious, confused, and undereducated generation.

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Tennessee Star Report Panelist Roger Simon and Guest Aaron Spradlin of Mission America Foundation on Fighting the Stunning Number of American Children Being Trafficked

Thursday morning on The Tennessee Star Report, guest host Gulbransen welcomed all-star panelist and The Epoch Times’ Editor-at-Large Roger Simon and Mission America’s Aaron Spradlin in-studio to discuss the staggering numbers of American children that are trafficked each year and the money needed to combat it.

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Governor Bill Lee Signs Joint Resolution Recognizing Mission America Foundation for Work Combating Human and Child Trafficking

Governor Bill Lee has placed his signature on House Joint Resolution 0856, a resolution recognizing the Mission America Foundation for the work they do to combat child and human trafficking.

The Mission America Foundation “is dedicated to eradicating Child and Human Trafficking. We utilize prior military personnel to investigate trafficking leads and providing intelligence to law enforcement agencies. We provide ‘Situationally Aware Fundamentally Empowered’ (S.A.F.E), self defense training to young boys and girls. Our focus is increasing trafficking awareness, through speaking engagements to bring awareness to the domestic trafficking problems that plague this great nation.”

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Democrat State Representative Mike Stewart Is Sole ‘No’ Vote Against House Resolution Honoring Organization That Fights Human and Child Trafficking

Democrat State Representative Mike Stewart (D-Nashville) voted against a resolution honoring an organization that fights human and child trafficking.

The Tennessee State House of Representatives passed HJR0856, “A RESOLUTION to recognize Mission America Foundation” on Thursday. The vote was 83-1. Stewart was the sole no vote.

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Representative Candice Keller Targeted by Activists at Save Our Children Rally

Counter-protesters wearing black activism gear targeted Representative Candice Keller (R-OH-53) after her speech this past weekend at a Save Our Children Rally in Columbus. Keller is an avid pro-life legislator and creator of the Ohio Heartbeat Bill.

Keller and her husband Kent – a write-in candidate for the Ohio Senate – attended the rally. In interviews with The Ohio Star, Keller states that she and her husband were walking back to their cars when they noticed people recording and following them. Every time the couple looked back, the group stopped and stared – but continued taping.

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