Tennessee House Passes Bill to Lower Age for Carrying Handgun from 21 to 18

A bill that would lower the age to carry a handgun in Tennessee from 21 to 18 passed the House on Thursday.

Bill sponsor Rep. Chris Todd, R-Madison County, said that House Bill 1735 is about protecting the constitutional rights of 18-year-olds who can vote and enlist in the military. The bill passed by a 64-28 vote.

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State Rep. Chris Todd Talks Southern Legislative Conference and His Term Limit Resolution

Wednesday morning on the Tennessee Star Report, host Michael Patrick Leahy welcomed Tennessee State Rep. Chris Todd of Jackson to the newsmakers line to discuss the recent Southern Legislative Conference and the probability of his term limits resolution passing.

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Glen Gaugh Commentary: Why I Support Chris Todd in District 73’s State House Race

Chris Todd

I made my personal decision to vote for Chris Todd after speaking with both he and his opponent, County Commissioner Jay Bush. When negative ads started showing up on Facebook, sponsored by House Majority Leader Glen Casada’s CAS-PAC, attacking Commissioner Bush for his vote to raise property taxes, I had to look deeper into Chris’ character. Here are the reasons why my support remains with Chris Todd.

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