Tennessee Senate Reschedules Bill Requiring Police Oversight Boards to Undergo Citizen Police Academy, Will Vote Monday

The Tennessee Senate is scheduled on Monday to vote on whether local community oversight boards must undergo citizen police academy.

If passed, current community oversight board members will have until June 30 of next year to complete a citizen police academy or any similar program. After that, any members appointed after July 1 of this year will have one year. Any members who fail to complete the academy or similar program will have their voting powers revoked. Voting rights would be restored upon completion of the academy. 

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Nashville’s Citizen Police Academy Offers Inside Look At Law Enforcement

Tennessee Star

  The Metro Nashville Police Department is accepting applications for its next Citizen Police Academy, which offers Nashville area residents an inside look at local law enforcement. The summer session, to be held at the Hermitage precinct, begins Monday, June 12. The free course runs 12 weeks. The program will…

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