Clemson University Students Fight to Ban ‘Racist’ Tomi Lahren from Campus

Tomi Lahren of Clemson University

Students at Clemson University in South Carolina are calling on the school to ban Fox News conservative personality Tomi Lahren from a Turning Point USA conference set to take place on the campus on April 8. 

Students say that Lahren’s past criticism of the Black Lives Matter organization disqualifies her from speaking at the university.

“We are committed to creating a more equal, fair and inclusive environment on our campus,” said the Clemson University College Democrats on March 11, “Statements made by Ms. Lahren, especially those concerning the Black Lives Matter movement, are divisive and hateful.” 

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Commentary: Clemson’s Shameful Wrist-Slap to Professor Who Calls GOP ‘Racist Scum’

Tennessee Star

Here’s what’s wrong with America’s places of higher learning: They’re breeding grounds for leftist viciousness. Clemson University assistant professor Bart Knijnenburg just took to Facebook to demand President Donald Trump supporters and Republicans – “racist scum,” he called them – “denounce your affiliation or admit you’re a racist.” Oh, the…

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