Commentary: America’s Emerging Energy Crisis

The warning signs are everywhere.  We are stumbling toward an energy crisis that is likely to be far more severe and long-lasting than the upheavals of the 1970s.  And no, this isn’t about Russia or Ukraine. This is about the perilous state of the U.S. electricity grid. 

If action isn’t taken soon to address the unraveling reliability of the grid, the United States will face the specter of rolling blackouts, factory shutdowns, loss of jobs and soaring electricity bills. Our organization CASE recently released a policy brief highlighting just how dire the situation is. 

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Bloomberg’s Decision Not to Run for President Is a Windfall for the Sierra Club

by Michael Bastasch   Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s decision not to run for president in 2020 has at least one group very excited — the Sierra Club. That’s because Bloomberg promised to “expand” his support for the Sierra Club’s “Beyond Coal” campaign, and the former mayor pledged…

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