Illinois Man Charged with Homicide in McMinn County Cold Case from 1996

Rodney Jackson

A man has been indicted and charged in a cold case homicide that occurred in McMinn County more than 25 years ago, following an ongoing investigation and the re-testing of evidence according to a press release by the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

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Minnesota Man Arrested in Cold Case Murder of Julie Ann Hanson

A 50 year old murder was recently solved when police arrested Barry Lee Whelpley of Mounds View, Minnesota for the murder of 15 year-old Julie Ann Hanson. The murder took place in Chicago, Illinois when Whelpley was 27, in 1972.

The girl was stabbed 36 times and was sexually assaulted. Her body was discovered in a field in Naperville, Illinois after she had been reported missing. At the time, no suspects were arrested in the case.

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Ohio AG Announces New Cold Case Unit

Ohio Attorney General Dave Yost announced in a press release Friday the formation of a new cold case unit.

Yost said in the release “we can make a difference, even when years have passed since a murder or sexual assault,” and told citizens to “consider how DNA testing advances have unmasked, time and time again, violent criminals who got away with living among us for too long.”

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Forensic Genetic Genealogy Cracks 30 Year Old Minnesota Cold Case

Michael Allen Carbo, Jr., of Chisholm, is the latest suspect to be identified using forensic genetic genealogy, a method in which law enforcement works with genetic genealogists to link crime scene DNA to commercial genealogy databases. He is the prime suspect in the murder of Nancy Daugherty over thirty years ago.

Although investigators went on to collect DNA samples from over 100 people, and the Minnesota’s Bureau of Criminal Apprehension (BCA) was able to create a full DNA suspect profile from evidence at the scene, the case went cold. The problem was, Carbo never committed any high-level crimes that warranted his DNA making it into a state database.

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