‘Politically Weaponized’: Republicans Criticize Federally Funded Plan to Have Students Register Voters

Students registering to vote

Republican leaders are responding with skepticism to the Biden administration’s plans to hire students to register voters and work in polling places.

New Department of Education guidance states Federal Work-Study funds “may be used for employment by a Federal, State, local, or Tribal public agency for civic engagement work that is not associated with a particular interest or group.”

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College Republican Accused of ‘Bigotry’ for Asking University of Arizona Student Gov Candidate About ‘F*** ICE’Post

Jasmine Tafolla

It is “bigotry” to ask a student candidate why she posted “F*** ICE” on her Instagram account, according to one campus leader.

Current University of Arizona student body president Alyssa Sanchez told College Republicans President Ricky Guthridge it was inappropriate for him to question a vice presidential candidate about her immigration views. ICE stands for Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

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UPDATE: College Republicans Can Now Sell ‘Back the Blue’ Apparel, But Only to Members

Campus Reform reported earlier this month on the denial of a “Back the Blue” shirt designed by the College Republicans chapter at Ohio Northern University. 

ONU College Republicans president Madeline Markwood submitted a shirt design to the university’s Communications and Marketing Department with the pro-police phrase printed on the sleeve and a Thin Blue Line flag printed on the back. 

The department denied Markwood’s submission because other schools have had to “retract and apologize” for similar initiatives.

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Pro-LGBTQ Chalk Displays Go Undisturbed as Conservative Sidewalk Messages Get Defaced

Chalk displays are common tools for spreading messages on college campuses, but they can also be examples of the different treatment that conservative and liberal students experience.

This semester, a College Republicans’ chapter had their chalk messages defaced while another group of liberal students were able to celebrate National Coming Out Day without harm to their chalk display.

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College Republicans Told That They Cannot Endorse Glenn Youngkin

Administrators at Washington and Lee University told conservative students to cease campaigning for Glenn Youngkin, the Republican nominee for Virginia governor.

The university’s College Republicans displayed materials supporting Youngkin during a September 12 activities fair, but were told by Director of Student Activities Kelsey Goodwin that they had to remove the materials due to the school’s tax-exempt status.

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Central Michigan University College Republicans Respond to Student Who Tweeted About Defacing Their Sidewalk Display

A student at Central Michigan University boasted on social media about defacing his conservative classmates’ chalk drawings.

Anthony James — operating under the username “brownskinqueer” on Twitter — declared on September 29 that he spent forty-five minutes erasing “copaganda, racist, and pro-life bullshit” from a sidewalk at Central Michigan University.

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Ohio Northern University Denies College Republicans’ ‘Back the Blue’ Apparel Design

The Ohio Northern University College Republicans chapter was denied approval recently for “Back the Blue” apparel by the university due to other schools having had to “retract and apologize” for similar initiatives.

ONU College Republicans designed shirts with “Back the Blue” printed on the sleeve and a Thin Blue Line flag printed on the back. The shirt design does not include ONU lettering and shows no affiliation with the university.

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College Republicans Ask Trump To Roll Back Employment Programs For Foreign Nationals Amid Economic Downturn

In the face of an unprecedented economic downturn caused by the coronavirus, leaders of College Republican groups across the U.S. have asked President Donald Trump to roll back two temporary worker programs for foreign nationals.

In a letter delivered to the White House Friday, College Republican leaders from several universities urged Trump to suspend the country’s H-1B program and abolish the Optional Practical Training program (OPT) — two programs that temporarily employ foreign workers.

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Commentary: Clouded by a Progressive Fog and Funded by the Establishment, College Republicans Buckle to their Liberal ‘Betters’

by Eric Lendrum   One would think that in the age of a massively successful Republican president like Donald Trump, most conservative college organizations would be rushing to hitch their wagons to his rising star. But as it turns out, the ignorance and naivety of the Republican elite is not limited to members of Congress. For the upcoming annual gathering of the College Republican National Committee (CRNC), national chairman Chandler Thornton (pictured above) has laid out his vision for the organization’s upcoming conference in his debut op-ed at Fox News. What exactly is Thornton’s big plan for College Republicans as the 2020 election rapidly approaches? Working to curb mass immigration? Speaking out against blatant Big Tech censorship of the Right? Opposing the Left’s ongoing push for the legalization of infanticide? Condemning the domestic terrorism of Antifa? No. At this year’s CRNC conference – happening July 11-14 – delegates will be voting on a symbolic resolution to condemn white nationalism, which Thornton claims is contributing to a “toxic problem” within the GOP. It’s a viewpoint that could have just as easily appeared in the pages of the Huffington Post or Vox. Thornton claims – with scant evidence – that “white supremacists have attempted to infiltrate student-led Republican groups at…

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Conservative Grad Kathryn Hinderaker Shares Her Story: ‘I’ve Spent the Last Four Years Defending Myself’

by Kathryn Hinderaker   I just graduated from St. Olaf College after receiving an education I didn’t expect. That’s because as a conservative at my small, Minnesota-based liberal arts institution, I’ve spent the last four years defending myself against personal and political attacks from professors and peers alike. The most recent example came in late April as the St. Olaf College Republicans hosted scholar Heather Mac Donald for a talk on her new book, “The Diversity Delusion: How Race and Gender Pandering Corrupt the University and Undermine Our Culture.” As chair of the group, I fielded many angry emails, including this from a theater professor: “This speaker is dangerous. It’s not about a difference in idealogical [sic] perspectives. This rhetoric is dangerous and puts my Black body in danger. This is antithetical to the St. Olaf mission statement. I’m not okay with this… and you all shouldn’t be either.” Several more professors emailed similar sentiments. This example is no outlier. In early 2018, college administrators shot down an effort to bring Ben Shapiro to campus for a speech. The officials denied the request by saying Shapiro was too divisive to bring to St. Olaf on the date in question. (It…

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Minnesota College Republicans Catch Several Vandals in the Act After Installing Hidden Security Camera

A Minnesota College Republicans chapter recently caught several vandals in the act after installing a hidden security camera near their club advertisements. Tayler Lehmann, president of the University of Minnesota, Morris College Republicans, told The College Fix that he’s complained to the university about his club’s ads disappearing in the past, but the university has done nothing. In fact, a university security camera that was supposed to be monitoring the area where the club’s fliers were hanging was conveniently broken at one point. “It’s been always happening, ever since I have been a freshman,” Lehmann told The Fix. “It’s been happening since I stepped foot on campus as a freshman and nothing got done. Part of the time the cameras didn’t work and people just kept taking down our posters. I guess we got fed up with it and we thought of a way to handle it ourselves.” Lehmann and his peers purchased a $30 camera online and installed it in a campus locker directly across from where the fliers were hanging. It didn’t take long for them to catch some action. In a video provided to The Fix, the security camera captured more than 10 separate instances of vandalism,…

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