Community Oversight Now Tries to Frighten Athletes Away from Tennessee

Members of the group Community Oversight Now say they have an unorthodox way to keep state legislators from tinkering with Tennessee’s community oversight boards. Those boards, of course, exist, to monitor police. Members of the Tennessee General Assembly want to place guardrails on those boards, which some people say have…

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Nashville FOP Demands PAC Stop Using Officer Likenesses to Advocate for Civilian Oversight Board

The Fraternal Order of Police sent a cease-and-desist letter to Accountability Matters PAC, saying the group used police officers’ images without permission to support Amendment 1 (setting up a civilian oversight board). The commercial uses photographs of several Metro Nashville Police Department officers without their permission, James Smallwood, president of…

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Nashville Oversight Board Might Drive Away Police, Steve Glover Warns

Steve Glover

If Nashville voters say yes to a referendum to create a community oversight board over police then, long-term, many officers will feel less valued and they will resign, said Metro Nashville Council member Steve Glover. “They (the officers) will leave us. They will say bye. They already have a hard-enough…

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