Ransomware Attack Impacts Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Systems While Separate Attack Hits General Assembly

As the Virginia General Assembly battles a ransomware attack, the Virginia Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Systems (DBHDS) is dealing with impacts from a separate attack against timekeeping systems provider Ultimate Kronos Group (UKG).

“It is clear the global KRONOS ransomware attack and the ransomware attack experienced over the weekend in Virginia are not connected, and there is no indication that information was compromised or that any DBHDS systems have been compromised. Central Office staff are working with UKG to develop an interim situation and find out more information,” DBHDS Communications Director Lauren Cunningham told The Virginia Star. “State facilities have switched back to manual systems that are very time-intensive, but they will get the job done and ensure staff are paid.”

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Virginia Police Benevolent Association Wants to Ban Ticket Quotas

The Virginia Police Benevolent Association is drafting legislation to ban ticket quotas in all law enforcement agencies across the Commonwealth.

“This legislation comes from my state police chapter,” VPBA Executive Director Sean McGowan said. “We have a state police chapter that has 800 troopers that are members. This is their concern, this is not something that Sean McGowan or the committee came up with. This is directly from our members.”

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Virginia Increasing DUI Enforcement with Annual Checkpoint Strikeforce Campaign

Virginia law enforcement agencies have increased DUI enforcement efforts as part of the 19th annual Checkpoint Strikeforce Campaign.

The campaign began on August 26, and will last until Labor Day. It will be resumed periodically during specific holidays. The state and its partners are using a combination of ad campaigns, advance notification, increased patrols, and physical checkpoints to deter drunk driving.

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