Two Bills Would Begin Court Fines, Fees Reform in Tennessee

The Tennessee court fines and fees system that has been questioned more in recent years is facing a few reforms already in the state’s upcoming legislative session.

Two bills have already been filed to change the rules, including a 180-day moratorium on fines and fee collections after an individual is released following imprisonment for a felony offense.

Companion bills House Bill 26 and Senate Bill 13 would not apply to restitution for a crime but would prevent the court from assessing fines, fees, taxes or costs related to a criminal proceeding during those 180 days.

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Report: Driver’s License Revocations Don’t Lead to Higher Rate of Court Fee Payments

A new report shows that Tennessee’s law allowing the suspension of driver’s licenses for not paying court fees is not leading to more fees being paid.

The report, from nonpartisan think tank ThinkTennessee, shows that the 2011 law allowing for the revocations and then a court injunction against the law between 2018 and 2020 did not have a noticeable effect on fee collections.

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