Michigan School System Updates COVID Policy, Will Not Send Students Home Over Possible Virus Exposure

Group of young students at table, reading and wearing masks

Fowlerville Community Schools will not require students exposed to a positive case of COVID-19 to quarantine, the district announced on Tuesday.

The new policy will allow students in all grades, who remain asymptomatic, to continue their in-person education, despite a possible exposure.

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Virginia Department of Health Adopts CDC Quarantine Guidelines

The Virginia Department of Health (VDH) announced Tuesday that it is adopting newly revised COVID-19 quarantine guidelines from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) that were released earlier this month.

VDH and the CDC recommends people who test positive for coronavirus or may have been exposed to quarantine for a full 14 days, but the new guidelines have two additional alternatives for a shorter length of isolation.

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Gov. DeWine Rethinking Quarantining Healthy Ohio Students

A Troy High School football player tested positive for COVID, the school announced Tuesday.

Regardless of any COVID test outcomes, the entire team was asked to quarantine for 14-days, forcing the school to forfeit their Division II regional playoff game scheduled for Friday.

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