Michigan’s Economic Rebound Programs See Millions in New Funds

Forty-one million dollars in taxpayer-funded relief have been approved to bolster Michigan’s flagging economy. A Detroit-based automotive supplies company will receive a two million dollar grant to aid in it’s expansion. This money comes as businesses across the state struggle to deal with the new stresses of the COVID economy and various programs try to fight the downturn.

The Michigan Strategic Fund (MSF) has approved two community upkeep and revitalization initiatives and made changes to the Michigan Community Development Block Grant program. These changes reportedly allow “the use of $41.9 million in federal CDBG CARES Act funding.”

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Commentary: Republican House Hijacks COVID Relief Bill to Benefit Unions and Hurt Taxpayers

For the first time in anyone’s memory, Ohio House Republicans are responsible for expanding an 89-year-old union-giveaway: the “prevailing wage” statute. Worse, they did this by adding a last minute amendment to Senate Bill 310, hijacking the must-pass emergency COVID-19 relief bill designed to help state and local governments with declining tax revenues. Unless the Ohio Senate intervenes, taxpayers and local governments will pay the price.

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