Attorney General Skrmetti’s Office Denounces Healthcare Fraud After Allegations that Tennessee Companies are Giving Bogus Diagnoses for Sex Change Surgeries

Tennessee Attorney General Jonathan Skrmetti’s office responded Thursday to a report from conservative Daily Wire commentator and filmmaker Matt Walsh, saying that companies operating in Tennessee are allegedly writing bogus diagnoses of gender dysphoria in order to help people obtain sex change surgeries via insurance.

Walsh noted that these alleged scammers are operating in Tennessee, prompting The Tennessee Star to ask the Attorney General’s office for a comment.

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Conservative Commentator Fires Back at Deirdre Nansen McCloskey for Cancelling University of Pittsburgh Debate

Daily Wire commentator Michael Knowles on Wednesday responded to Deirdre Nansen McCloskey’s withdrawal from their scheduled University of Pittsburgh debate, calling the libertarian economist “scared” and “not honest.” 

The event, sponsored by the Intercollegiate Studies Institute (ISI), was to take place next Tuesday and Knowles said he and ISI are looking for a replacement for McCloskey. Knowles, a traditionalist Catholic, and McCloskey, a transgendered woman and professor emerita at the University of Illinois-Chicago, planned to argue over the nature of womanhood and current gender-policy issues. 

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Politically Diverse Groups Back Free Speech at Pitt After Pennsylvania Lawmakers Urge Event Cancellation

After two Pennsylvania lawmakers last week called for cancelling upcoming conservative appearances at the University of Pittsburgh, a politically diverse array of voices are responding in favor of free speech. 

Representatives Jessica Benham (D-Carrick) and Malcolm Kenyatta (D-Philadelphia), who co-chair the state House LGBTQ+ Equality Caucus, denounced the state-related university for permitting the presence of speakers who oppose liberal views of transgenderism. The guests they find objectionable include Cabot Phillips, senior editor of the The Daily Wire news organization, who is scheduled to speak this Friday; Riley Gaines, a former college swimmer and critic of biological males competing in women’s sports, who will appear on March 27; and Michael Knowles, a Daily Wire commentator, who will debate transgender economist Deirdre McCloskey on April 18. All speakers are being sponsored by student-led associations. 

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Vanderbilt Agrees to Halt All Gender Transition Surgeries for Minors

After a report exposed Vanderbilt University Medical Center for performing and bragging about performing gender transition surgeries for minors, and after a letter from Tennessee state legislators, the hospital has agreed to cease all such medical procedures.

“HUGE NEWS: following our report, Vanderbilt has agreed to pause all gender transition surgeries on minors,” said Daily Wire’s Matt Walsh, who first exposed the medical center. “The fight is far from over but this will save children from mutilation and abuse. An incredibly important victory. Praise God.”

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Michael Knowles After Disinvitation to Speak: University of St. Thomas ‘Pretends to Be Catholic’

Michael Knowles is now speaking out after he was denied the ability to address students at a St. Paul, Minnesota, college.

In the spring 2022 semester, College Republicans at the University of St. Thomas, a Catholic institution, attempted to invite The Daily Wire host, a practicing Catholic, to speak. The university denied the request due to Knowles’ past statements related to past comments expressing socially conservative opinions.

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Ilhan Omar Politicizes Holocaust Remembrance Day to Condemn ‘Right-Wing Extremism’

Sunday marked the 74th anniversary of the liberation of Auschwitz, and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN-05) took the opportunity to condemn the rise of “anti-Semitic” ideology in America. “Today we remember the murder of 17 million people, including 6 million Jews at the hands of the Nazis,” Omar wrote. “With the rise of anti-Semitic and neo-Nazi ideology, it’s more important than ever we learn from the atrocities of the past and commit to fighting intolerance.” Today #WeRemember the murder of 17 million people, including 6 million Jews at the hands of the Nazis. With the rise of Anti-Semitic and Neo-Nazi ideology, it's more important than ever we learn from the atrocities of the past & commit to fighting intolerance. #HolocaustMemorial — Ilhan Omar (@IlhanMN) January 27, 2019 Omar, of course, has been repeatedly accused of anti-Semitism, most notably for her tweet in which she claimed that Israel has “hypnotized the world,” but also for her support of the boycott, divestment, and sanctions (BDS) movement, and her ties to anti-Semite Linda Sarsour. As Daily Wire senior editor Emily Zanotti pointed out, Omar’s Sunday tweet was actually a “really clever minimization of Jewish suffering in the Holocaust.” “10 million died in the…

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