Huge Turnout at Williamson County GOP Victory Party

FRANKLIN, Tennessee–A huge crowd turned out for the Williamson County GOP Victory Party held at the Cool Springs Marriott in Franklin on Saturday night. More than 300 people attended the event, which featured speeches from Rep. Mark Green (R-TN-07), Sen. Marsha Blackburn (R-TN), Speaker of the Tennessee House of Representatives…

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Williamson County Election Commission Refers Two Cases of Alleged Democrat Vote Fraud to the District Attorney

The Williamson County Election Commission has referred materials related to an investigation into a report that seemed to show at least two Democrats – both of whom are currently running for elected office – voted in the Republican primary to the District Attorney for further investigation and possible prosecution. State…

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Williamson County Election Records Show Democratic Candidates Voted in GOP Primary – An Effort Intended to Stop Republican Julie Hannah?

Anne McGraw and Bill Peach

Early voting is underway in local elections across the state and runs through April 26, with the Election Day itself occurring May 1. In deep red Republican Williamson County there has been some concern among conservative Republican leaders that local Democrats may cross over to vote in the Republican Primary.…

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Williamson County Mayor, Business Leaders Push for Sales Tax Increase; GOP Chair Calls It ‘A Band-Aid’

A panel consisting of Williamson County officials and business leaders held an open forum meeting Monday, when, within a discussion of the strong growth and expensive ‘to-do’ list of the county, the specter of a sales tax increase was once again raised, a proposal Williamson County Republican Chair Debbie Deaver calls “a Band-Aid.”…

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Williamson County Republican Party Wants to Awaken the Sleeping Giant

FRANKLIN, Tennessee — If conservatives want to make a difference, they have to get more involved. That was the theme of a book discussion Thursday at the Embassy Suites hotel hosted by the Williamson County Republican Party. A handful of people gathered at the hotel restaurant to consider the lessons…

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Williamson County Republican Party Starts Meetup Group

The Williamson County Republican Party has started a Meetup group to keep local voters informed and provide a way for people to get to know each other. is a popular online social networking website that facilitates offline group meetings. The point is to bring together people with shared interests. Meetup…

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Conservative Grassroots Victory in Williamson County as Debbie Deaver Wins GOP Chair Election

Tennessee Star

FRANKLIN, Tennessee–Long-time conservative grassroots activist Debbie Deaver swept to victory over establishment favorite Tom Miller at a packed session of the Williamson County Republican Convention on Tuesday night. “Tonight the Williamson County Republican Party had a choice for leadership,” conservative activist and Tea Party Nation founder Judson Phillips, a resident…

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Showdown in Williamson County: Conservative Grassroots Debbie Deaver Vs. Establishment Tom Miller in Fight for GOP County Chair

Tennessee Star - Deaver v Miller

For some, Tuesday, Feb 28 might be just another National Chocolate Soufflé Day, but to the Williamson County Republican Party loyalists, it’s time to pick a new GOP Chair. The election in 2015 of outgoing Chairwoman Julie Hannah was a great victory for the conservative grassroots. Of the two candidates…

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