Decatur County Residents Advised to Boil Water Before Consuming ‘Until Further Notice’

Residents of  Decatur County received a warning this week from the Decatur County Sheriff’s Office to boil their water before consuming it. 

The notice said due to a recent drop in water pressure until further notice, residents would be advised to run their water through a clean cloth to remove any sediment or floating material, and to bring the water to a rolling boil for at least a minute to ensure the disinfection.

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Another Year, Yet Another Horrible Audit for Decatur County

Tennessee Comptrollers said in an audit late last week that the Decatur County government’s problems are severe enough that, as of now, they will not approve the county’s new budget.

The county taxpayers will also have to pay a nearly $10,000 fine to the Internal Revenue Service, Comptrollers said.

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Tennessee Comptrollers Blast Decatur County for Mismanaging Taxpayer Money

The Decatur County government has just received less than admirable state audit findings. With 11 findings as opposed to the previous year’s eight, that’s putting it mildly. In a press release, for instance, Comptrollers say this year’s results “leave much room for improvement.” “The audit findings reveal many problems including…

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