Commentary: Corporate Big-Mouths at Coca-Cola and Delta Wouldn’t Shut Up About George Floyd but When It Comes to Hamas – Crickets

When radicals used the sad death of fentanyl addict and opioid abuser George Floyd to burn down America’s cities in summer 2020, they earned nothing but praise from many of our country’s biggest corporations.

Overnight, America’s corporate giants became footsoldiers in the Left’s “woke” revolution, tut-tutting their customers’ LGBTQ “microaggressions,” pouring millions of dollars into the Marxist-led Black Lives Matter, and condemning the “systemic racism” of the country that birthed them.

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Commentary: Human Trafficking is Modern Day Slavery

Human trafficking received increased national attention this month as millions of Americans watched in horror as the abuse that victims face played out on the big screen. Current estimates place the number of human trafficking victims at 28 million, far beyond what most Americans considered possible. While many of our friends and neighbors may perceive human trafficking to be an overblown third-world phenomenon, in reality the modern day slave trade is very real — and very pervasive — right here at home.

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Delta Airlines Won’t Comment on Anthony Fauci’s Latest Remarks About COVID-19 Masks and Air Travelers

Officials with the Georgia-based Delta Airlines would not comment Monday about Anthony Fauci’s remarks this past weekend suggesting air passengers must continue to wear COVID-19 masks — indefinitely. Delta Airlines representatives did not return The Georgia Star News’ request for comment before Monday’s stated deadline.

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Delta Airlines, Which Opposed Georgia’s Voter ID Law, Now Forces Unvaccinated Employees to Test for COVID-19

Delta Airlines CEO Ed Bastian this week announced the Atlanta-based company will force employees who remain unvaccinated against COVID-19 to wear masks, to test for the virus, and to possibly sacrifice part of their compensation packages. But how will Delta officials distinguish between the vaccinated and the unvaccinated?

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‘Competition in Professional Baseball Act’: Senator Blackburn Introduces Bill to Subject MLB to Antitrust Laws

After Major League Baseball (MLB) pulled its All-Star Game out of Georgia over new voter laws, Senator Marsha Blackburn (R-TN) proposed a bill Wednesday to subject the organization to antitrust laws. The “Competition in Professional Baseball Act” would repeal Section 27 of the Clayton Act.

MLB parroted the outcry over Georgia’s new voter ID laws. The organization claimed that voter ID requirements disproportionately disenfranchise Black individuals, and therefore are inherently racist policies. 

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Brian Kemp, Others, Tell Corporate America They Will Not Retreat on Georgia’s Voter Integrity Law

Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp on Saturday told Major League Baseball officials and executives at Coca-Cola and Delta Airlines that he will not buckle under to their pressure. Kemp, flanked by several supporters at the Georgia State Capitol, said he will not do away with the state’s new voter integrity law, Senate Bill 202. The governor also told state residents that Democrat and former gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams is lying about the new law and fundraising off of her lies.

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Georgia House Votes to Strip Delta of $35 Million in Tax Incentives


After the CEO of Georgia-based Delta Airlines caved to pressure from left wing activist groups and criticized a bill signed into law requiring voter identification for absentee ballots, Georgia’s House Republicans responded by voting to strip Delta of a major tax credit. 

Delta has long-enjoyed a $35 million tax credit on jet fuel in the Peach State, but Thursday night, that tax credit was jeopardized, as House Republicans voted along party lines to end it, according to The Atlanta Journal-Constitution. 

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Leftists Tell Georgia’s Biggest Corporations, Like Coca-Cola, to Stand with Them Against Voter Integrity Bills

Left-leaning groups have demanded that Georgia’s largest corporate entities, including Coca-Cola and Home Depot, fight two bills in the Georgia General Assembly, which they describe as racist. Members of this coalition made their demands in a full-page ad in The Atlanta Journal Constitution last week. The coalition called out Delta Airlines, Coca-Cola, Southern Company, Home Depot, UPS, Aflac, the Georgia Chamber of Commerce, the Metro Atlanta Chamber of Commerce, and the Georgia Black Chamber of Commerce.

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Delta Air Lines Customer Fined $500 By Customs For Apple She Received On The Plane

by Nick Givas   A Delta Air Lines customer was hit with a $500 fine from customs, for saving an apple she’d received on her flight from Paris back to the United States. Crystal Tadlock from Arvada, Colo., said a flight attendant gave her the apple in a plastic bag. She wasn’t hungry, but decided to save it in her bag for later, Fox31 Denver reported. When she went through customs her bag was searched and the apple was discovered. Taldock explained the situation and asked if she could eat it or throw it out, but she was told “no.” Customs then handed her a $500 fine for possessing the apple. “He had asked me if my trip to France was expensive and I said, ‘Yeah.’ I didn’t really get why he was asking that question, and then he said, ‘It’s about to get a lot more expensive after I charge you $500,’” Tadlock told Fox31. Part of the blame should fall on Delta for not reminding passengers they couldn’t take fruit off the plane, she said. She thinks it’s ridiculous that she was ticketed when the apple was clearly from Delta Air Lines. “It’s really unfortunate someone has to go through that…

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