Encouraging Illegal Aliens to Remain in the US Is a Crime, Supreme Court Rules

The Supreme Court unanimously upheld a federal statute that forbids encouraging illegal aliens to remain in the U.S. unlawfully in a decision Thursday.

The Supreme Court justices voided an earlier decision by the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, which had ruled that a federal anti-harboring statute was unconstitutional on the grounds that it violated the First Amendment by restricting free speech. The ruling by the nation’s highest court Thursday upholds the law.

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100,000 People in U.S. Ordered Deported But Their Countries Won’t Take Them Back

President Donald Trump has faced tough sledding in persuading uncooperative countries to take their citizens back after they’ve been ordered to be deported from the U.S. The Trump administration announced in September that it would on four small countries that have thwarted U.S. efforts to deport citizens from their nations.…

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