Florida Attorney General Joins Fight over Mask Mandates

Florida’s Attorney General, Ashley Moody (R), has entered into the fight against rogue school districts defying state law. She voiced her opinion after a court decision earlier this week saying Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis’ mask mandate ban was unconstitutional and unenforceable.

DeSantis said they will be quickly filing an appeal to the decision in another attempt to “defend the law and parents’ rights in Florida.”

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Lawsuits Filed Against Governor DeSantis for Banning Mask Mandates in Schools

Governor DeSantis is facing two separate lawsuits following the executive order he signed on July 30th that banned school districts from issuing mask mandates in schools.

Both plaintiffs, a father of three from Broward County and a group of parents from multiple counties across the state, challenge the constitutionality of the order.

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DeSantis Executive Orders Granting Pardons for COVID-19 Convictions Adopted

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis proposed two executive orders to the Florida Executive Board of Clemency Wednesday that continues his pursuit to stop local governments from establishing overreaching COVID-19 restrictions. 

 The two orders, EO 21-132 and EO 21-133, would grant full pardon for individuals or businesses who are charged with non-violent civil and criminal offenses related to breaking local COVID-19 restrictions; and waive fees or fines associated with breaking COVID-19 restrictions, respectively.

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