University of Richmond Renames Six Buildings over Former Namesakes’ Ties to Slavery and Eugenics

The University of Richmond is renaming six buildings and instituting naming guidelines after the Board of Trustees approved the work of the recently-concluded naming commission.

“We recognize that not all members of our community will agree with these decisions,” President Kevin Hallock and the Board said in a Monday message to the community. And we recognize that the University would not exist today without the efforts of some whose names we have removed. The Board’s decision to adopt the principles and remove building names, while ultimately unanimous, was extremely challenging. Members of the Board began this process with strongly held differences of opinion, and the subsequent discussions were candid, thoughtful, and constructive. In the end, the Board concluded that the decisions outlined above are the best course of action for the University.”

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Students Protest After University of Richmond Decides Not to Remove Controversial Names from Campus Buildings

The University of Richmond (UR) has decided it will not remove from campus buildings the names of founding President Robert Ryland, who enslaved people, and former University of Richmond Rector Douglas Southall Freeman, who promoted segregation and supported eugenics.

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