Jensen Surges, Schultz Leads in New Alpha News/Trafalgar Group Poll

The first-ever Alpha News/Trafalgar Group statewide Minnesota poll was released Tuesday morning, marking Alpha News’ expansion into polling.

Republicans could be on the verge of winning their first statewide race since 2006, with the attorney general’s race representing the best opportunity for a GOP pickup, according to the results.

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Republican Gubernatorial Hopeful Jensen Calls for Family Leave Program, Lowering Adoption Costs in New Proposal

As the issue of abortion remains a hot topic throughout the midterm campaign season, Republican gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Jensen has released a comprehensive plan on how he would support Minnesota women and children.

“You and I are both pro-life, but I think there’s some misconceptions out there about what that actually means. It means a lot more than just not liking abortion and it’s not about jamming legislation down people’s throats,” Matt Birk, Jensen’s running mate, said in a video discussing the plan.

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Candidates Look to Bring Universal School Choice to Minnesota

Two Republican candidates for the Minnesota Legislature want to follow Arizona’s example by bringing universal school choice to the state.

Rep. Steve Drazkowski, currently running for Senate District 20, and Pam Altendorf, a candidate for House District 20A, have authored an “Education Freedom Act” that they plan to introduce if elected.

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Gubernatorial Hopeful Jensen Calls for ‘Phasing Out’ Minnesota’s Income Tax to Help Fight Inflation, Boost Economy

Republican gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Jensen announced at a Thursday press conference his comprehensive plan to fight inflation.

Jensen’s “FIT” plan — “Fight Inflation Together” — comprises a variety of reforms and policies pertaining to taxes and spending. These include but are not limited to investigating wasteful government spending, vetoing tax increases and initiatives that increase the cost of living, eliminating social security taxes, and enacting deregulatory measures that allow businesses to obtain permits and licenses with less hassle.

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Qualls Returns to TakeCharge, Stanek Drops Out

The battle for the governor’s mansion will come down to Republican Dr. Scott Jensen and Democratic Gov. Tim Walz.

Former Hennepin County Sheriff Rich Stanek skipped the endorsement process and planned to run in the Republican primary against Jensen, but he didn’t submit his paperwork to the Secretary of State’s Office by Tuesday’s filing deadline.

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Minnesota Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Jensen Selects Former NFL Player Matt Birk as Running Mate

Wisconsin gubernatorial candidate Dr. Scott Jensen on Tuesday announced former NFL player Matt Birk will run as Lieutenant Governor on his ticket.

Birk, who was born and raised in St. Paul, played multiple seasons for the Minnesota Vikings and was selected to the NFL Pro Bowl six different times.

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Minnesota Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Jensen Would Look into Commuting Kim Potter’s Sentence if Elected

At least one Minnesota gubernatorial candidate would consider commuting the sentence of former Brooklyn Center police officer Kim Potter if he were elected.

In a two-and-a-half minute clip posted to Twitter, Dr. Scott Jensen said it sickened him to see Potter, a “good policewoman,” kept in custody and away from her family over Christmas. He blamed this on politicized judges who nevertheless allow “hardened repeat felons to get out of prison.”

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Minnesota Gubernatorial Candidate Says He Stands with Canadian Truckers

A Minnesota gubernatorial candidate released a video statement saying that he stands with the Canadian truckers. Dr. Scott Jensen, a frontrunner in Minnesota’s 2022 gubernatorial election said, “From Minnesota, to Canada, and beyond… I stand with them.”

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Republican Candidates Respond to St. Paul, Minneapolis Vaccine Mandate

Several Republican candidates responded to the recently announced COVID vaccine mandates in Minneapolis and St. Paul. The mandates will go into effect on Wednesday, requiring restaurants, bars, coffee shops, and any other place of “public accommodation” where food or drink is served to only allow vaccinated patrons inside.

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Several Straw Polls Inconclusive Regarding Minnesota Republican Gubernatorial Candidate

Several recently conducted straw polls regarding a Republican gubernatorial candidate for the 2022 election have been inconclusive. One poll, conducted by delegates for the party, had State Senator Paul Gazelka (R-East Gull Lake) in the lead. Another poll conducted by the Minnesota Family Council after a gubernatorial debate, favored business owner and doctor, Dr. Neil Shah.

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Minnesota Gubernatorial Candidate Dr. Scott Jensen Responds to Criticisms of Discussion with State Rep. John Thompson

Dr. Scott Jensen, a 2022 gubernatorial candidate, responded to criticisms of his interactions with Rep. John Thompson (D-St. Paul) in an interview with The Minnesota Sun. Jensen said that the way some people are discussing what happened is “just plain silliness.” Jensen explained that Thompson was an invitee to an event he was speaking at.

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Two Gubernatorial Candidates Respond to the Conviction and Jailing of Minnesota Business Woman Lisa Hanson

Two gubernatorial candidates, Dr. Scott Jensen and Dr. Neil Shah, responded to the announcement that business owner Melissa “Lisa” Hanson was convicted and jailed for violating Governor Tim Walz’s (D) COVID emergency orders. Jensen posted a video to Twitter, where he called the conviction and sentencing saying, “SO WRONG!”

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Gubernatorial Candidate Scott Jensen Writes a Bill That Would Make Minnesota a ‘Health Freedom Sanctuary’ State

A Minnesota gubernatorial candidate, Dr. Scott Jensen, wrote a Health Freedom Sanctuary State Bill. Jensen said, “We need this bill to get a hearing. We need to have a conversation about the political response to the COVID-19 pandemic and our fundamental rights.”

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Minnesota Governor Walz Calls Biden Vaccine Mandate ‘The Right Move’

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz (D) tweeted out on Friday that the Biden Administration COVID vaccine mandate was “the right move.” Walz said that the mandate “will help ensure we’re keeping each other safe and healthy.”

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Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association Responds to Ramsey County Attorney Saying He Won’t Prosecute Felonies

The Minnesota Police and Peace Officers Association responded to Ramsey County Attorney John Choi’s announcement that he will no longer be prosecuting “most felony cases arising from low-level traffic stops.”

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Former Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka Announces Gubernatorial Bid

Paul Gazelka

Former Minnesota Senate Majority Leader Paul Gazelka (R-East Gull Lake) announced his gubernatorial bid on Wednesday morning. Gazelka stepped down from his position as majority leader last week, as a precursor to his campaign for governor.

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Fifth Republican Candidate Announces Bid for 2022 Minnesota Gubernatorial

A fifth Republican candidate has announced their bid for the 2022 gubernatorial race. State Senator Michelle Benson (R-Ham Lake) announced on Wednesday that she will be running for Minnesota governor in 2022. Benson made the announcement from Ham Lake, Minnesota, saying that she is running because of values that have been instilled in her since she was a child

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Another Republican Enters the 2022 Minnesota Gubernatorial Race

Another Republican has thrown their hat in the ring for the 2022 Minnesota gubernatorial elections. Dr. Neil Shah’s campaign site says that he is a “husband, father, physician, business owner and son of immigrants.” In an email announcing his candidacy, he said that, “it’s time to remove the cancers of unilateral emergency powers and radical leftism.”

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