Gubernatorial Candidate Randy Boyd: The Volume is Going to be Turned Way Up

Boyd in Kingsport

During a campaign trip to Kingsport, tucked up on the northeast corner of the state, the local newspaper spent some time with gubernatorial hopeful Randy Boyd and came away with two clear messages: the Knoxville businessman and former Haslam appointee is in-it-to-win-it, and is about to ‘turn the volume way up.’ “It’s early and in…

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Commentary: Helping Children Succeed

In America, our students are grouped by chronological age and progress together through the K-12 system. While this might make sense socially, it ignores a student’s readiness. Students who start off struggling from the very beginning often can get a better start on their formal education if retained. Being promoted with their peer group only makes sense if they can make adequate academic progress.

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