Gubernatorial Candidates Beavers and Black Consistently Support Bills to Curb Illegal Immigration, But a Key Bill Sets Them Apart

Tennessee Star

  On the issue of illegal immigration, gubernatorial candidates Mae Beavers and Diane Black both consistently vote for bills intended to curb illegal immigration. However, in 2001, a Democrat controlled legislature passed HB983, a bill which allowed driver’s licenses to be issued to someone without a social security number enabling illegal aliens to obtain…

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Metro Council Ordinance Will Protect Illegal Aliens Who Violate State Law by Driving Without a License

Metro Nashville Legal Director confirmed today that the proposed sanctuary city ordinance BL2017-739 cannot stop the sheriff from turning illegal aliens over to ICE after they’ve been arrested. However, for illegal aliens living in Nashville who open borders advocates claim are forced to break Tennessee’s driver licensing law, the ordinance could…

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