Tenured Professors Strike at University in Michigan After Contract Negotiations Fail

More than 500 professors at Eastern Michigan University went on strike Wednesday after their contract concluded on Aug. 31, according to a statement by the professors’ union.

Nearly 91% of the tenured and tenured track faculty in the Eastern Michigan University Chapter of the American Association of University Professors (EMU-AAUP) voted to strike Tuesday following the start of classes on Aug. 29, according to a statement by the union. Students have been advised to continue to go to class as normal and wait to see if their professor shows up, as the strike commences.

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Several Women Sue Eastern Michigan University over Sexual Assaults

Eastern Michigan University

Less than two weeks after a woman was found unresponsive in a dormitory after allegedly being raped by several men, four former students at Eastern Michigan University (EMU) are suing the school. 

The women were assaulted years ago, but decided to bring suit after the latest case of sexual assault on campus. They claim that the school isn’t doing enough to combat predatory behavior. 

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