Michael Ray Releases Video for ‘Holy Water’

Michael Ray grew up in a family compound off a dirt road in the small town of Eustis, Florida, just a few miles from a tiny old country church where Sunday service would be held, where communion often carried over to tall tales of his grandparents’ days running moonshine up the East Coast.

And even though he did not write the song, when he first heard “Holy Water” it took him right back to being a boy in that church, sitting in a wooden pew listening to some of the greatest truths that he holds onto to this day.

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Eric Church Celebrates Two No. 1 Songs: ‘Round Here Buzz’ and ‘Some of It’

Friends and media assembled Tuesday to celebrate Eric Church’s two most recent Number 1 hits, “Round Here Buzz” (Eric Church, Jeff Hyde, Luke Dick) and “Some of It” (Eric Church, Jeff Hyde, Bobby Pinson, Clint Daniels) in BNA’s Hangar # 9.

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