Blystone to Surrender $105,000, Admit Violations, Not Run Again for Five Years

Joe Blystone

COLUMBUS, Ohio – The Ohio Election Commission had a full hearing scheduled for today and tomorrow to investigate multiple election law violation complaints filed by three separate parties against former gubernatorial candidate Joe Blystone. Instead of a hearing, the session turned into a settlement conference that resulted in an agreement.

That agreement orders Blystone to surrender his campaign cash of approximately $105,000 and shut down his campaign fund.  The funds are to be distributed by paying $75,000 to an escrow account for a case Blystone started in Delaware County against his former campaign co-manager; turning over the remaining balance to the Ohio Election Commission in the form of a fine.  Additionally, Blystone stipulates that the allegations made in the complaints are fact and commits to not seek office for five years.

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