Highest Natural Gas Price Since 2010 Drives a Spike in Pennsylvania Home Energy Costs

Natural gas prices are hitting levels not seen for more than a decade, and electric bills will go up across the commonwealth – though not equally.

Natural gas spot prices will hit $6.09 per million British thermal units for the winter, according to the U.S. Energy Information Administration, which is “the highest real price since winter 2009-10.”

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Commentary: Wisconsin Consumers Will Be Shocked by Their Electric Bills If Lawmakers Insist on Pushing New Energy Legislation

With Wisconsinites increasingly worried about inflation and rising energy costs, you’d think state officials would be acting to alleviate the situation, not make it worse. But if legislation recently filed in Wisconsin goes into effect, residents may be in for another shock when they get their electric bills. The legislation would change the way electric transmission lines are built and operated in the state, eliminating competition and driving up costs for consumers to benefit a few established monopolies.

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