U.S. and State Education Departments Announce Title 1 Funding Cuts as Schools Approach Second Semester

The Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) notified school districts of modifications in their federal financial allocations this past week. These annual adjustments are typically made earlier in the school year, giving districts time to recalculate local budgets. While districts should have been aware that changes were coming, the timing of this year’s adjustments arrived unexpectedly and created confusion.

Metro Nashville Public Schools (MNPS) spokesperson Sean Braisted told The Tennessee Star in an email, “We expected to receive our final allocation at some point in the fiscal year, so this is not unexpected.  Our original allocation is a preliminary allocation, and the determination of a final allocation amount (and subsequent budget revision) happens annually.”

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Federal Department of Education Threatens to Ask for Money Back from Tennessee Department of Education

A late September letter from the Federal Department of Education (DOE) to the Tennessee Department of Education (TDOE) threatened to pull TDOE’s federal funding over what the federal government describes as failure to comply with federal assessment reporting standards in 2021.

“The assessment and accountability compliance issues are significant because they not only impact the State’s ability to provide clear and transparent information to the public about school performance, but also result in the State using information that is not comparable across schools in TDOE’s statewide accountability system,” said the letter addressed to Tennessee Department of Education Commissioner Peggy Schwinn.

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