Pennsylvania Senate Proposal Would Spread Film Subsidy Beyond Cities

A lawmaker this week proposed reforming Pennsylvania’s $100 million film-production tax-credit program, a policy he said he believes doesn’t benefit enough independent, non-urban projects.

State Senator David Argall (R-Mahanoy City) sent a memorandum to colleagues in which he ascribed $5 billion in recent economic activity to the program. He said that the subsidy is falling overwhelmingly into the hands of filmmakers basing their projects in and around Philadelphia and Pittsburgh. 

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Despite Resigning in Disgrace, Cuomo Stands to Collect Substantial Pension

A majority of New York lawmakers were ready to remove Gov. Andrew Cuomo from office over misconduct allegations, a removal that was only averted by his resignation. But despite the near-universal condemnation of his actions as governor, Cuomo still stands to earn a substantial pension from taxpayers for his time in office.

News reports this week indicate that Cuomo has filed for his pension as the date when he has promised to resign, Aug, 24, draws near.

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