Commentary: Establishment Conservatives Continue to Bend the Knee to the Left

The column, written in the heated aftermath of George Floyd’s killing, sounded like a typical anti-American screed published in the New York Times or posted on MSNBC.

“Racism in America is a fatal wound,” the author lamented. “Every time another incident occurs we put a Band-Aid on it, but the Band-Aid keeps falling off. Band-Aids are not enough to ever stitch this country back together.”

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Commentary: We Must Depose the Deep State or a Wall is Meaningless

by Thomas Farnan   Last week in the Russian collusion saga, we learned that the FBI opened an investigation into the president because it disagreed with him on a matter of foreign policy. Yes, the agency first formed to catch people who crossed state lines with white women to have…

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Commentary: Establishment Republicans and Their Democrat Allies Are Pulling a ‘Bait and Switch’ on Trump’s Wall Funding

by CHQ Staff   Yesterday after press time our friend Rachel Bovard, Policy Director for the Conservative Partnership Institute, gave us a heads up that the bill touted by Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell as the “Trump wall bill” is anything but a bill to give the President the authority…

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Commentary: RINOs Declare War On Trump’s Conservative Budget

Tennessee Star

  by staff Senator John McCain, Capitol Hill’s chief Republican In Name Only, declared President Trump’s budget “dead on arrival” and his lackey in the House, Rep. Mike Simpson of Idaho predicted another continuing resolution for next fiscal year. Rep. Simpson — the chair of the House Appropriations Subcommittee…

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