Georgia Fines Insurance Company Blue Cross Blue Shield $5 Million for Violations of State Law

Blue Cross Blue Shield of Georgia

Georgia Insurance and Safety Fire Commissioner John King on Tuesday announced a stiff fine for Blue Cross Blue Shield for multiple violations of state law and other “serious issues.”

The insurance provider will be forced to pay $5 million, following a months-long investigation by the state agency.

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Study Finds Tennessee Collects $38M in Court Fines, Fees Each Year

Tennessee flag on pole

A new report from The Sycamore Institute shows Tennessee collects nearly $38 million annually in fines and fees through the criminal justice system, while county governments are collecting a shrinking amount in fines and fees.

While the Tennessee Department of Revenue reports its collections of fines and fees annually, other agencies, such as the Department of Correction, the Department of Safety & Homeland Security and the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation, do not report detailed information on their collections.

The Sycamore Institute study found 360 fees and fines authorized in Tennessee law, from being charged with a crime to civil asset forfeiture to incarceration costs.

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US Coast Guard Will Fine Company $40,000 A Day if it Doesn’t Clean Up its Oil Spill

by Tim Pearce   The U.S. Coast Guard has ordered a U.S. energy company to plug a 14-year-old offshore oil leak or face a rolling fine of $40,000 a day, The Washington Post reported. Taylor Energy must “institute a … system to capture, contain, or remove oil” from its former…

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