House of Representatives Passes Bill Introduced by Rep. Mark Green to Improve Military Housing

Rep. Mark Green

The U.S. House of Representatives on Thursday passed legislation introduced by Representative Mark Green (R-TN-07) aimed to improve the quality of housing for troops located on military bases.

The amendment was added to the large appropriations bill H.R. 4052 and will instruct the Biden administration to prioritize these projects. Further, the amendment will dramatically increase funding for various improvement projects from $155 million last year to $550 million this year.

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Rep. Mark Green Introduces Bill to Improve Military Housing

U.S. Representative Mark Green (R-TN-07) introduced new legislation on Monday aimed to improve housing for America’s military service members and their families.

Green’s bill, which would serve as an amendment to the large appropriations bill H.R. 4052, would instruct the Biden administration to prioritize these projects.

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Commentary: Unmasking Marble and Bronze

Protests and looting were supplanted last week by an orgy of more symbolic destruction. Statues of various figures from our civilization’s past—Christopher Columbus, a Texas Ranger, numerous confederate Civil War memorials, and even Philadelphia’s Frank Rizzo—have been toppled, defaced, or scheduled for removal by compliant officials.

In the same spirit, a Senate GOP committee recently voted to rename military bases named after confederate generals. Those names—Fort Bragg and Fort Hood, among them—have acquired their own connotations as centers of excellence, but must be renamed because their long-forgotten namesakes fought on the losing side of the Civil War.

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