Suzi Voyles Says Georgia Secretary of State Officials Pressured Her to Recant

Suzi Voyles

  Fulton County, Georgia poll manager Suzi Voyles said this week that members of the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office pressured her to recant her declaring she saw potentially counterfeit ballots last November that favored Joe Biden. Voyles said this when she appeared Wednesday on The John Fredericks Show. Fredericks…

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Georgia Secretary of State Chief Investigator Files Affidavit Against ‘Suitcase Ballots’ Video, Contradicting All Previous Reports

Georgia Secretary of State Chief Investigator Frances Watson filed an affidavit Monday alleging that the “suitcase ballots” video wasn’t fraud, and that poll workers and monitors weren’t told to leave during vote counting. The affidavit totaled two pages of evidentiary claims against outstanding affidavits claiming incidents that occurred in Fulton County.

Watson claimed that their team’s investigation found that no elections officials asked the observers and media to leave.

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