Gallatin Mayor Paige Brown Discusses Her Broadcasting Career and Being Mayor

Friday morning on The Tennessee Star Report, host Leahy welcomed Gallatin, Tennessee Mayor Paige Brown to talk about her broadcasting career and agenda as Mayor.

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Medical Experts Gather in Gallatin to Share COVID-19 Findings That Federal Health Agencies Ignore

GALLATIN — Physicians, scientists, and frontline professionals gathered Saturday to discuss and analyze their findings regarding proper COVID-19 treatment and care, and they said these are findings that federal agencies either don’t report or don’t acknowledge. These speakers assembled at the United Church in Gallatin.

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mRNA Vaccine Inventor Dr. Robert Malone to Hold Global COVID Summit on Saturday in Gallatin

Friday morning on the Tennessee Star Report, host Michael Patrick Leahy welcomed mRNA and DNA vaccine inventor Dr. Robert Malone to the newsmakers line to talk about the Global Covid Summit event this Saturday in Gallatin and clarify the confusion over Cominarty and Pfizer vaccines.

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Proposed Tennessee Valley Authority Transmission Line to Service New Facebook Data Center and Economic Development in Gallatin Will Impact Hundreds of Residential Property Owners’ Values and Raises Safety Concerns

A Tennessee Valley Authority (TVA) proposed transmission line that will service the new Facebook data center and support future economic development in Gallatin will impact as many as 165 property owners representing about 225 parcels, lowering their property values and raising their concerns for safety.

TVA notified property owners affected by the proposed transmission via letters dated in mid-January, which invited them to access a virtual open house between January 21 and February 22 for further information and the opportunity comment on the project.

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New Facebook Data Center Could Make Big Impact in Gallatin, Report Says

A new report that describes how Facebook’s data centers have impacted surrounding areas could predict how a new one will impact Gallatin.

As The Tennessee Star reported in August, Facebook will invest $800 million to build a new state-of-the-art data center in Gallatin to create approximately 100 jobs. Gallatin officials said at the time that Facebook will hire locally.

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Phil Bredesen’s Silicon Ranch to Help Power Facebook’s Tennessee Operations

Former Tennessee Gov. Phil Bredesen’s Nashville-based Silicon Ranch will help power Facebook’s operations in the state.

Company officials will partner with the Tennessee Valley Authority to develop carbon-free energy for a 70-megawatt solar facility in Madison County. This, according to a press release that TVA officials published on their website Thursday.

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Donald Trump Jr. Keynote Speaker at Gallatin Event for Bill Hagerty, Endorsed by President for U.S. Senate

  GALLATIN — Donald Trump Jr. told a crowd in Gallatin Tuesday that Tennessee Republican U.S. Senate candidate Bill Hagerty “was on the Trump train before it was politically expedient.” And that, Trump went on to say, is why his dad, U.S. Republican President Donald Trump, endorsed Hagerty so early…

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Gallatin Official Denies Digital Water Meters Causing Rate Hike

  The superintendent of Gallatin’s Public Utilities Department said there is no truth to information allegedly circulating around town about digital water meters making water bills skyrocket. “That’s not true. That must be something people are saying on Facebook,” Superintendent David Gregory told The Tennessee Star Wednesday. City officials are…

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1990 Federal Law Will Cost Gallatin Taxpayers $5.5 Million

Gallatin officials will spend $5.5 million of taxpayer money to satisfy the requirements of the nearly 30-year-old federal Americans With Disabilities Act. JamiAnn Hannah, risk manager for the city attorney’s office, told The Tennessee Star taxpayers will pay for the changes “because it’s the right thing to do.” She also…

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