Rittman City Council Seeks to Reinstate Higher Tax Rates After Overtaxing Mistake

Angry community members confronted municipal leaders over taxes at a tense meeting on Monday after learning they had been overtaxed for 15 years.

Residents had the chance to express their concerns and ask questions of city council members and other local leaders while there was standing room only inside the Rittman Recreation Center. Most were irate after receiving a letter informing them that Rittman had been overtaxing them on municipal income tax.

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City Officials in Ohio Inform Residents They Were Overtaxed for 15 Years

In a letter to Rittman residents, city officials announced that they overtaxed municipal income tax for the past 15 years, and refunds will not be given for all the years of human error because doing so would “bankrupt” the city.

In particular, Rittman has been collecting municipal income taxes for the past 15 years at a rate of 1.5 percent when the correct, permitted rate was 1 percent.

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