Middle Tennessee Sees Rise of Counterfeit Money

A Tennessee Police and Sheriffs Department have both reported a rise in counterfeit bills used in Tennessee. Hendersonville Police and the Giles County Sheriffs’ Department have both arrested men who were caught using fake bills. 

The Giles County Sheriff Kyle Helton spoke with WRKN News about the rise in his area. In the interview, Helton said the serial numbers on the bills totaling over $1,000 were identical. One man was arrested in Pulaski County after purchasing a car with counterfeit money, and another man yet to be identified in Giles County also purchased a car with counterfeit bills. 

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With Less Than a Week Until Election Day, Virginia Politicians Have Continued to See Their Campaign Signs Stolen or Vandalized

Once again, campaign signs are the innocent victims of pre-election stress and anger. From Giles County to Chincoteague, signs for both Republican and Democratic candidates are being stolen or vandalized.

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Software Glitch Disrupts Lawrence County Election

Tanya White

A glitch with the electronic voting machines in Lawrence County delayed the results of last Thursday’s election by almost a day, said county Election Administrator Tanya White. Instead of using a computer, county officials had to tally votes by hand, she said. “Do you know how long it takes to…

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PTO Treasurer in Giles County Indicted on Charges of Stealing Funds

An investigation by the Tennessee Comptroller’s Office has led to the indictment of Amanda McMilin, the former treasurer of the Richland Elementary School Parent Teachers Organization (PTO) in Giles County. Investigators determined that McMilin stole at least $5,649 from the PTO by keeping cash that was collected during fundraisers. These…

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