Virginia’s First Casino Earns $3.7 Million in First Week of Operating Temporary Site

The Hard Rock Bristol Casino’s temporary location earned $3.7 million in adjusted gross receipts (AGR) in its first few days, with a total of over $37.5 million played from July 5 through July 14. The casino had soft openings before opening to the public on Friday, July 8.

Virginia Lottery Deputy Director of Gaming Compliance Gina Smith highlighted the numbers and said the casino was crowded in its first days.

“I will tell you that Saturday, you could not even walk on the floor,” Smith told the Virginia Lottery Board on July 20.

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Craig County School Board in Virginia Approves Religious, Medical Exemption Forms for Mask Mandates

The Craig County School Board decided Tuesday to provide medical mask mandate exemption forms that don’t require a physician’s signature and religious exemption forms, although the medical exemption form requires an explanation.

“I do not think the physician should have to sign off, no physician is going to sign off on any of these forms,” Vice Chair Gina Smith said. “I think as parents we are responsible for our kids and it should be enough just to have a diagnosis or a medical reason that your child doesn’t need to wear a mask.”

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