Free at Last: Jailed Minnesota Bistro Owner Lisa Hanson Tells The Minnesota Sun Why She Launched State Senate Run

The owner of the now-closed Interchange Wine and Coffee Bistro told The Minnesota Sun why she is running for state Senate after serving 90 days in the Freeborn County jail for violating Democratic Governor Timothy J. Walz’s ban on indoor dining service.

“The reaction to my declaration of my run for Senate has been overwhelmingly positive,” said Melissa “Lisa” Hanson in an exclusive interview.

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Exclusive: Interview with Lisa Hanson About Her Christmas Behind Bars for Violating Minnesota Gov. Walz’s COVID-19 Indoor Service Ban

In an exclusive interview, the Hayward woman held for a 90-day sentence in the Freeborn County Jail after her conviction for violating Gov. Timothy J. Walz’s executive order banning indoor restaurant service told The Minnesota Sun she about her Christmas behind bars.

“Merry Christmas! I am doing well by the grace of our Lord,” said Melissa “Lisa” Hanson, whose Interchange Wine and Coffee Bistro was an institution here for the years before the state charged here for violating the Walz orders, followed by the city’s decision to shut down her restaurant and let her lease expire at the end of the year.

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