Tennessee Comptrollers Allege Massive Theft with Head Start Program

Tennessee Comptrollers this week announced that government officials in Carter and Greene counties allegedly, in separate cases, stole thousands of dollars for their own personal benefit. According to a Comptrollers’ press release, authorities in Carter County have indicted Joyce Parsons, the former administrative assistant for Carter County’s Head Start program.

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Unity Theme at Greene County GOP Pig Roast

Virginia’s newest crop of Republicans sprung up at a Greene County farm on Saturday. Candidates including Daniel Gade, Bob Good, and Senator Amanda Chase (R-Chesterfield) spoke to 397 people at the 41st Annual Greene County Pig Roast. The candidates expressed an urgent need for Republicans to work together to regain power in Virginia.

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More Virginia Localities Established as Second Amendment Sanctuaries

Two more localities have passed resolutions establishing Second Amendment Sanctuaries.

On August 24, the Front Royal Town Council unanimously passed their version of the non-binding resolution, and the next day, Greene County also passed theirs.

The resolutions are the result of lobbying efforts by the Virginia Citizens Defense League, declaring that the localities will not pass laws restricting firearms.  In July, new state laws took effect that allow cities and counties to pass their own gun laws, triggering a flurry of action. Some places are restricting guns, others are passing resolutions declaring they will not restrict guns. The resolutions are like a covenant — local leaders can still pass ordinances to the contrary — but are a way to signal allegiances to citizens and politicians.

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Audit: Greene County Employees Used Taxpayer-Funded Assets for Personal Reasons

Greene County employees used taxpayer-funded county assets for personal reasons, according to an audit Tennessee Comptrollers released Tuesday. State auditors responded to allegations that county Sanitation Department employees used county vehicles for private purposes and used the department’s garage to work on their personal vehicles. That, auditors wrote, prompted the…

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The Would-Be ‘State of Franklin’ That Never Officially Existed

The United States Constitution does, of course, contain guidelines as to how a territory may enter the Union as a full-fledged state on an equal footing with all previously-existing states.  The last time that any new states were added to the United States was in the year 1959 when Alaska…

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