Virginia General Assembly Considering Protections for Domestic Workers

The Virginia General Assembly is considering three bills that would add legal protections for domestic workers in jobs like cleaning, landscaping, and childcare. The bills are focused on banning discriminatory practices, implementing safety standards, and requiring worker’s compensation insurance. Advocates say the current exemption for domestic workers dates back to racist Jim Crow legislation and should be removed, but opponents say the bills put more burdens on domestic workers and the people who hire them.

HB 2032, introduced by Delegate Wendy Gooditis (D-Clarke) adds “Domestic Service” as a category that would be included under current workplace safety and workers’ compensation law. Gooditis said that the bill makes domestic service subject to workplace safety standards, and that inspectors can require access.

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Nashville to be Included in National Telethon to Benefit Hurricane Victims

Nashville will be featured in a nationally broadcast telethon Tuesday to raise money for victims of Hurricane Harvey. ABC, CBS, Fox, NBC and CMT will air the live telethon, which will be based in Los Angeles, with stages in New York and Nashville, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The Nashville stage will…

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