States Preemptively Banning ESG Practices Pushed by Big Capital

States across the country are preemptively banning Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) scoring, which some say would lead to a massive consolidation of wealth among the most powerful investment companies in America. 

“In an attempt to secure vast amounts of wealth and influence over society, corporations, bankers, and investors, working closely with key government officials, have launched a unified effort to impose environmental, social, and governance (ESG) standards on most of the industrialized global economy. (ESG standards are also referred to as ‘sustainable investment’ or ‘stakeholder capitalism.’),” Justin Haskins at The Heartland Institute said. 

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Georgia Legislators Told How Free Speech Can Flourish Online Without Trampling Any Liberties

Two-thirds of the states have advanced legislation to protect free speech from Internet censorship, but Georgia also has an opportunity to shape public discourse with potential legislation of its own. With that said, politicians should demonstrate vigilance and only craft legislation that doesn’t trample other people’s rights and liberties.

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Georgia House Committee Schedules Thursday Hearing on Internet Platforms and Constitutionally-Protected Speech

State Rep. Ed Setzler

Members of the Georgia General Assembly’s House Science and Technology Committee are scheduled to meet this week to hold a hearing on internet platforms and Constitutionally-protected speech. This, according to an emailed press release that Georgia House Media Services emailed Monday.

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