House Amends Bill Prohibiting Mandatory Student COVID-19 Vaccines to Expire After 2 Years

Even if the state adopts a bill prohibiting mandatory COVID-19 vaccines for K-12 students, it would only last two years. That is, according to the latest amendment to HB 1421. The amendment rendered the current status of the bill into a proposed sunset law during Tuesday’s House Health Committee hearing.

The committee member behind the amendment, State Representative Robin Smith (R-Hixon), asserted that it would give the FDA enough time to approve the vaccine for regular use – not just emergency use. 

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After Failing and Then Being Recalled, Post Roe v. Wade Abortion Banning Bill Passes House Committee

A bill that would ban abortions in the event Roe v. Wade is overturned by the U.S. Supreme Court passed out of the House Health Committee where it was recalled to after failing in a House Subcommittee. The proposed legislation, officially named the Human Life Protection Act, has been dubbed…

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