Georgia Election Official Gabriel Sterling Reveals Woman Used His Voting Address After a Month of Defending Election Integrity

Voting Systems Manager Gabriel Sterling revealed on Tuesday that a woman used his address to vote in the general election and request an absentee ballot for the runoff election. Sterling learned of the fraudulent voting after he received a flier from a voting organization reminding the woman, Meron Fissha, to return her absentee ballot.

“The Lord moves in mysterious ways,” remarked Sterling on the matter.

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U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks Asks Attorney General William Barr to Join Georgia Investigation of Attempts to Register Illegal Voters

U.S. Rep. Mo Brooks (R-AL-05) on Friday said that he, along with 20 conservative House members and four House members-elect sent a letter to Attorney General William Barr asking that he join Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger’s investigation into organizations’ attempts to register illegal and invalid voters in Georgia.

The letter strongly urges Attorney General Barr to issue a restraining order or temporary injunction under federal law preventing organizations from registering illegal and invalid voters in the upcoming Georgia Senate runoff election.

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Georgia SOS: Vacation Run-Off Voters Will Be Prosecuted, Face 10 Years in Jail

Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger issued an unequivocal warning Friday: “Moving to Georgia temporarily in order to vote in January 5 Runoff is illegal and will be prosecuted.”

Further clarifying both the letter and the spirit of the law, he said: “Moving to the state with the sole purpose of voting and leaving is illegal and is considered voter fraud.

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After Missing Deadline, North Carolina Turns Over Smaller List of Voter Records

After missing a January deadline to turn in voter records requested in two subpoenas by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE), North Carolina officials have turned over a smaller list of voter records. Upon missing the deadline, state lawmakers sent a letter to Attorney General Josh Stein urging his office’s compliance…

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North Carolina Elections Committee ‘Disturbed’ by State Justice Department Missing Fed Subpoena Deadlines, Urges Compliance

North Carolina lawmakers on the state’s Elections and Ethics Committee sent a letter to the state’s Attorney General urging him to comply with two federal subpoenas. Earlier this month, the North Carolina Department of Justice missed the deadline to respond to two federal grand jury subpoenas issued in September 2018…

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North Carolina Misses Federal Subpoena Deadline to Turn Over Voter Information

North Carolina state officials have missed the deadline to turn over voter information requested by the federal office of Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE). The two federal grand jury subpoenas were issued in September 2018 and requested five years worth of voter and ballot data from 44 counties. In addition,…

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Battleground State Report: Election Integrity Will be Critical to Outcome of 2020 Presidential Election

On last weekend’s Battleground State Report  with Steve Gill, Michael Patrick Leahy, and Doug Kellet, a one hour radio show from Star News Digital Media in the early stages of a national weekend syndication rollout, the hosts talked about the voter suppression narrative which is consistently moderated by the left, and…

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