Florida Man Guilty in Inauguration Day Plot

Florida Senate Capitol

A Florida man, Daniel Baker of Tallahassee, was found guilty of making threats and inciting violence at the Florida Capitol. Baker was arrested in January after posting a “call to arms” on social media, encouraging followers to violently confront protestors outside of the Florida Capitol on Inauguration Day.

Baker argued his threats were not real and were “jokes,” but the 12-member jury found him guilty in just over one day of deliberation.

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Metro Nashville Police Prepare for Possible Inauguration Day Protest at State Capitol

Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) revealed that it would be adopting a “heightened security posture” at the State Capitol on Inauguration Day. MNPD informed the Metropolitan Council of these measures less than a week after the Capitol Hill riot took place.

In a copy of the letter obtained The Tennessee Star, Chief of Police John Drake informed the council that several unique protests would occur leading up to and on Inauguration Day. He reassured them that there wasn’t any “indication of an imminent threat of violence or danger.”

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Commentary: A Republic, But Can We Keep It?

silhouette of Statue of Liberty

We fight because we must fight. Because if our elections are so tainted that they would make a third world dictator the blush, the consent of the governed is thwarted and the very legitimacy of our government is questionable. That is why we fight until Inauguration Day. Because to do anything else, would be to give up on the American experiment

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