Christian Governor of Jakarta, Indonesia Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison ‘For Blaspheming the Quran’

“An Indonesian court sentenced the minority Christian governor of Jakarta to two years in prison on Tuesday for blaspheming the Quran, a jarring ruling that undermines the reputation of the world’s largest Muslim nation for practicing a moderate form of Islam,” the Washington Post reported on Tuesday. In announcing its…

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There is Nothing ‘Moderate’ About Female Genital Mutilation in Indonesia

According to Dr. Meiwita Budiharsana, a lecturer and Faculty of Public Health at the University of Indonesia: Around 60 million women, or half of the women in Indonesia, the world’s most populous Muslim majority, is estimated to have undergone FGM. According to data collated by UNICEF, between 2010 – 2015, forty-nine…

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Pence Optimism About Islam And Indonesia Misplaced

Mike Pence

  by George Rasley, Editor During Vice President Mike Pence’s recent visit to Indonesia he praised Indonesia for its “tradition of modern Islam.” We wish that the Vice President’s remarks reflected reality, but our experience living and working in Indonesia tells us that the Vice President’s optimism that a secular…

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