Afghan Refugees Coming to Florida, Backed by Terrorist-Tied Groups

Since the fall of Afghanistan to the Taliban and the military blunder by the President Joe Biden administration, Afghan refugees coming to the Untied States could be as high as 125,000. South Florida is likely one of the new landing spots for a chunk of the refugees.

Approximately 300 families will be brought to South Florida and provided with training to learn about American customs like banking, health care, and the legal system. The training will come from the Refugee Assistance Alliance, a nonprofit organization dedicated in supporting refugees.

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Was Ilhan Omar Scheduled to Speak Alongside Anti-Semite from Islamic Relief USA?

Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN-05) communications director is denying reports that his boss was scheduled to speak alongside Islamist Relief USA’s Yousef Abdallah, a flagrant anti-Semite. The Jerusalem Post first reported that Omar would be keynoting Islamist Relief USA’s upcoming fundraiser for Yemen taking place in Tampa, Florida. Abdallah was allegedly…

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