Moms for Liberty’s Robin Steenman Weighs in on Red Wine and Blue Leftist Group

Monday morning on The Tennessee Star Report, host Leahy welcomed Robin Steenman of Moms for Liberty-Williamson County to comment upon the recent Washington Post article and upcoming school board elections.

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Williamson County Parent Calls School System’s COVID-19 Policies ‘Evil and Wrong’

Williamson County School System Superintendent Jason Golden acknowledged this week that WCS students who will not wear COVID-19 masks or haven’t received medical or religious exemptions attend classes in separate rooms. This, according to the Nashville-based FOX 17. The station reported that a federal order prevents students from opting out of the mask mandate.

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Williamson County Board of Education Votes to Continue Mask Mandates in Schools

The Board of Education in Williamson County, Tennessee voted overwhelmingly Monday evening to extend its mask mandate for COVID-19 prevention until January.

At the urging of Superintendent Jason Golden, school directors initially voted on Aug. 10 to impose the requirement on elementary-school students. On Aug. 26, the board enjoined that mandate on middle-schoolers and high-schoolers as well. The rule would have expired this Tuesday but for the prior evening’s vote. 

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Leahy and Huey on Unscientific Mask Mandates for Elementary Students, Suggest Recall for School Board Members

Thursday morning on the Tennessee Star Report, host Michael Patrick Leahy welcomed California refugee Craig Huey in studio to examine the actions of Director of Schools Jason Golden and Dr. Adrienne Battle’s stupid mask mandates for elementary school students.

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All-Star Panelist Roger Simon: ‘I Don’t Think Money Has Much to Do with Education at All’

Thursday morning on the Tennessee Star Report, host Michael Patrick Leahy welcomed all-star panelist Roger Simon in studio to weigh in on Williamson County’s director of schools and the brainwashing of K12 students through the divisive teachings of critical race theory.

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Commentary: Williamson County Schools, Fostering Healthy Solution, Derek Young and the Non-Profits That Feed Them

Child-rearing is going on in Williamson County Schools (WCS) without the parents’ knowledge or consent and the administrators, the school board, and the non-profits that are involved do not feel it is wrong.

The lack of involvement and transparency for parents who are not in line with Superintendent Jason Golden, and the non-profits feeding into WCS is glaring. It is a double standard for those conservative, traditional, pro-America, Christian parents who wish to be and legally is, the primary caretaker for their child, who has the right to raise their children as they see fit, morally, ethically, and spiritually.

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Williamson County Schools Rescinds Mask Mandate After Saying Judge Didn’t Rule Against Their Authority to Impose It

Williamson County Schools (WCS) announced Friday they’re ending their mask mandate, several weeks after a judge opined they lacked legal authority to continue imposing it. After the spring semester lets out, WCS won’t require masks any longer. In a voicemail obtained by The Tennessee Star, WCS Communications Director Carol Birdsong announced to parents that WCS was ending their mask mandate.

“Hello Williamson County Schools families, this is Carol Birdsong calling. Superintendent Jason Golden announced at last night’s school board work session that the district’s indoor mask requirement will come to an end once school has been dismissed and campuses have been cleared on Friday, May 21. The district will continue to recommend and encourage masks this summer for those who are not fully vaccinated – but they will not be required. More information is included in the email that is accompanying this phone call.”

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Williamson County Parents Warn Critical Race Theory Has Already Entered Their Public School System

FRANKLIN — Williamson County School Superintendent Jason Golden, as reported, cancelled his planned question and answer session with the Williamson County Republican Party, but frustrated members nevertheless met and made him and his policies the topic of conversation. About 100 to 150 Williamson County residents met Wednesday at a hotel conference room where, among other things, they asked whether the Williamson County School System has embraced Critical Race Theory (CRT). Williamson County School Board member Dan Cash attended Wednesday’s meeting. He said no, the school system is not teaching CRT. But some parents said it had already seeped its way in.

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Williamson County School Superintendent Jason Golden Is ‘The Enemy,’ Tennessee Stands Says in Tuesday Remarks

Williamson County School Superintendent Jason Golden this week cancelled a previously scheduled speaking engagement with the Williamson County Republican Party, and members of his staff did not return messages seeking comment as to why. Several sources informed The Tennessee Star last week that Golden would have a question and answer session with members of the Williamson County GOP Wednesday evening. Those same sources said they and several other people intended to ask Golden about the Williamson County School Board hiring, as reported in February, a consulting firm to stamp out what they call a pattern of racism within the school district. The name of that firm is Fostering Healthy Solutions.

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William County Schools Sets ‘Listen and Learn’ Sessions with Diversity Firm

Members of the Williamson County School System have already held three of nine sessions as part of a program they say will stamp out what they call a pattern of racism within the school district. As The Tennessee Star reported in February, Williamson County School Board members voted unanimously that month to hire a firm, Fostering Healthy Solutions, to help carry out their objectives.

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Carol Swain Says Williamson County Risks Increasing Racial Tension with Cultural Competency Program

Members of the Williamson County School System are reportedly looking to implement a cultural competency program, but former Nashville mayoral candidate Carol Swain said it will likely divide different categories of people even further.

The Nashville-based FOX 17 reported last week that Williamson County School System Superintendent Jason Golden wants a cultural strategy program.

But Swain told The Tennessee Star Monday that Golden and school board members need to ponder what, exactly, they want to accomplish.

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Williamson County Teacher Blasts School System Over COVID-19 Mask Policy

A Williamson County public school teacher on indefinite suspension for refusing to wear a COVID-19 mask on school grounds told school system officials Thursday that science and public opinion are not on their side.

That teacher, Aundrea Laramee-Gomez, said this in an open letter to all 12 Williamson County School Board members and Superintendent Jason Golden.

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Members of Williamson County Group Question Whether School Board Members Should Hire Jason Golden

  A group of Williamson County parents came forward Tuesday to question why their local school board members are considering hiring a man with no formal education experience to replace Mike Looney as superintendent. This, one day after board members unanimously voted to enter formal negotiations with Jason Golden to take…

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Despite Some Residents’ Misgivings, Williamson County Will Negotiate with Jason Golden to Replace Mike Looney

  Williamson County School Board members voted unanimously Monday to enter formal negotiations with Jason Golden to replace outgoing Superintendent Mike Looney at an annual salary of $250,000. But the vote didn’t happen without certain people speaking out against the board’s hiring process. Residents made their displeasure known during the…

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