Lifelong Friend of Late Minnesota Rep. Hagedorn Says He Never Endorsed His Wife, Carnahan, to Run for His Seat

A longtime friend and lifelong confidant of the late Rep. Jim Hagedorn says he never wanted Hagedorn’s widow to campaign for Hagedorn’s seat.

Hagedorn was married to former Minnesota GOP chair and current congressional candidate Jennifer Carnahan who hopes to fill his seat in DC after his unfortunate passing earlier this year. However, a close friend of the departed congressman now alleges that his friend wouldn’t have wanted this.

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Late Rep. Hagedorn’s Family Reportedly Supports Munson, Not Hagedorn’s Widow, in Contest for His Vacant Seat

The family of the late Congressman Jim Hagedorn has donated to, and reportedly voiced their support for, State Rep. Jeremy Munson and not the congressman’s wife, in the contest for his seat.

Hagedorn died in February, triggering a special election in Minnesota’s first district. Among the candidates to emerge in this unusual race are Munson and Hagadorn’s wife and former chair of the Minnesota GOP, Jennifer Carnahan. Despite Hagedorn’s relationship with Carnahan, his family supports Munson. 

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MN-1 GOP Candidate Brad Finstad Skipped Voting for Trump in 2020 Presidential Primary

Brad Finstad

Voter history records show that Brad Finstad, a candidate in Minnesota’s First Congressional District Republican primary, did not vote in the 2020 presidential preference primary.

Finstad was a Trump administration appointee, serving as State Director for USDA Rural Development in Minnesota.

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U.S. Representative Jim Hagedorn’s Widow Jennifer Carnahan Announces Run for His Former Seat

U.S. Representative Jim Hagedorn’s widow, Jennifer Carnahan, has announced her run for her husband’s former seat. Hagedorn passed away in February.

In a an announcement release provided to The Minnesota Sun, Carnahan said that her husband told her to run for the seat and to win.

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Minnesota Representative Jim Hagedorn Being Investigated by Ethics Committee

Minnesota Representative Jim Hagedorn (R-01-MN) is being investigated by the House Ethics Committee. The announcement comes after Hagedorn’s wife, Jennifer Carnahan, stepped down as the chair of the Minnesota GOP following allegations of harassment, abuse, and ties to a child sex trafficker, Anton Lazzaro.

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Jennifer Carnahan, Minnesota GOP Chair, Resigns over Allegations of Harassment, Abuse, Ties to Alleged Sex Trafficker

Jennifer Carnahan

Jennifer Carnahan, the Chair of the Minnesota GOP, resigned Thursday night after allegations of harassment, abuse and ties to a child sex trafficker came to light. Carnahan is the wife of Representative Jim Hagedorn (R-MN-01).

Allegations harassment and workplace abuse began being anonymously posted on social media after the indictment of Anton Lazzaro, a long-time GOP donor and political activist, on child sex trafficking charges. Reportedly, Lazzaro had a long time relationship and friendship with former GOP Chair Carnahan, and was even invited to Hagedorn and Carnahan’s wedding.

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Minnesota Representative Jim Hagedorn Diagnosed with Kidney Cancer Again

Minnesota Representative Jim Hagedorn (R-MN-01) announced that he has kidney cancer again after having his cancerous kidney removed. In his official statement he said, “Be assured, I will continue to fight for America and serve the people of MN01 with the highest level of energy and enthusiasm.”

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Minnesota DFL Calls 2020 Election Concerns ‘Disgraceful’ and ‘Dangerous’

In a recent interview, Minnesota Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan did not take a position regarding the legitimacy of the 2020 presidential election. Carnahan was being interviewed regarding the location of the Minnesota GOP convention where a candidate will be selected to run against current Minnesota Governor Tim Walz.

When Carnahan was asked if the 2020 election was “stolen” from former President Donald Trump, she refused to say one way or the other. Instead, she acknowledged the concerns that many voters have and that if there are concerns, they should not be overlooked. She said, “If there’s ever any question or doubt, or people don’t feel that they have the full transparency on enough things, what is wrong with just looking into things and answering those things?”

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Trump Supporters Protest at Minnesota Capitol, Governor’s Residence after Media Declare Biden Winner

Hundreds of Trump supporters protested on the steps of the Minnesota State Capitol Saturday afternoon before marching (and driving) to the governor’s residence on Summit Avenue.

The “stop the steal” protest was part of a nationwide day of action organized by conservative activists, who believe that the media prematurely declared former Vice President Joe Biden the winner of the presidential election.

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Minnesota GOP Chair Claims Attorney General Ellison ‘Threatened’ Family That Hosted Trump Event

Minnesota GOP Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan has accused Minnesota Attorney General Keith Ellison of abusing his power and threatened to file “a cease-and-desist order” against his office.

On Tuesday night, Felton Farms in Northfield, Minnesota, held a private MAGA rally with Eric Trump, where congressional candidate Tyler Kistner and Carnahan also made appearances. Carnahan, who accused Ellison of “using his office to play politics” and “threatening” the farm venue, announced that the Republican Party of Minnesota would be filing a cease-and-desist order against Ellison’s office.

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President Trump to Speak in Minnesota on Monday

President Trump is scheduled to visit Minnesota on Monday, the first stop in a three-part campaigning tour including Wisconsin and Arizona. Each speech will address “Joe Biden’s failures on jobs and the economy.”

Ken Farnaso,  the deputy press secretary for the Trump campaign, confirmed Trump’s visits in a tweet Friday morning.

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Minnesota GOP Chairwoman Calls for Resignation of Mayor Frey, Governor Walz

Minnesota Republican Party Chairwoman Jennifer Carnahan called on Gov. Tim Walz and Minneapolis Mayor Jacob Frey to resign for their “failed” leadership during last week’s riots.

“Gov. Walz and Mayor Frey have been largely silent, other than a handful of unhelpful tweets and press conferences blaming everyone but themselves. Minneapolis is decimated. Minneapolis is damaged to a level we never could have imagined. The destruction caused this past week will unfortunately live in our memories forever. It’s a dark stain on our state,” Carnahan said in a statement released over the weekend.

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Minnesota Journalist Compares Asian Trump Supporters to Jews Who Worked for Nazis

The editor of a Minnesota-based Hmong publication compared Asian Pacific Minnesotans who support President Donald Trump to Jews who worked for the Nazis.

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Republicans Say DFL ‘Marching Left’ After Suburban Democrat Ousts Iron Ranger for Leadership Role

  Sen. Susan Kent (DFL-Woodbury) defeated Sen. Tom Bakk (DFL-Cook) for the role of Senate DFL minority leader during a Saturday meeting, a move Republicans think signals the party’s shift to the left. Kent (pictured above) emerged victorious Saturday evening after the 32-member caucus met at the Carpenters Union Hall…

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Minnesota GOP Sent Cease and Desist Letter by State Fair Over Trump Flag Display

The Minnesota Republican Party received a cease and desist letter from the Minnesota State Fair in response to activists who were riding the popular “SkyGlider” attraction while holding Trump 2020 flags.

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Pelosi Continues Swing Through Midwest With Speech at DFL Fundraiser

  House Speaker Nancy Pelosi spoke Friday night at the DFL’s annual Humphrey-Mondale Dinner in Minneapolis, continuing her swing through key Midwest states. “The House Democratic Majority in Washington has been hard at work tackling the toughest issues facing our country, just as the DFL has been doing in Minnesota,”…

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DFL Chairman Slams Pence for ‘Legacy of Homophobia’ Ahead of Minnesota Visit

  Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to visit Minnesota Thursday to promote the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA) and discuss its impact on farmers and steel workers. Pence will stop at R & J Johnson Farms in Glyndon before heading to Gerdau Ameristeel, a steel mill in St. Paul. A…

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GOP Renews Calls for Omar’s Removal from Foreign Affairs Committee After She Described 9/11 as ‘Some People Did Something’

Republicans are once again calling for Rep. Ilhan Omar’s (D-MN-05) removal from the House Foreign Affairs Committee after video leaked of her describing the 9/11 terror attacks as “some people did something.” Omar’s remarks came during her appearance at the Council on American-Islamic Relations’ (CAIR) March fundraiser in Los Angeles.…

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Klobuchar Jokes About Eating Salad With ‘a Bit of Scalp Oil and a Pinch of Dandruff’

Sen. Amy Klobuchar (D-MN) spoke Saturday night at the esteemed Gridiron Club dinner in Washington D.C. where she attempted to joke about the recent stories detailing her abusive behavior towards her staffers. The New York Times reported February 22 that, in one instance, Klobuchar berated a staff member who forgot…

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St. Paul DFL Rep Promises to Fight ‘All Other Isms’ While Calling Trump a ‘Piece of S***’

Minnesota State Rep.-elect Jay Xiong (D-St. Paul) hasn’t been sworn into office yet, but he’s already vowing to oppose the nation’s “vile president” and stand against “bigotry and racism, sexism and all other isms.” On Friday, Xiong released a statement discussing the actions of President Donald Trump as well as…

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