Nearly 50 Guns Stolen Out of Vehicles in Nashville Last Week

An unloaded handgun sitting on the center console of a vehicle with the magazine clip next to it

Thieves in Nashville this year have stolen exactly 1,259 guns out of vehicles, according to statistics, as compiled by the Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD). “More than 70 percent of ALL guns reported stolen in 2021 (1,789) were taken from vehicles. Last week, 49 guns were stolen from cars and trucks. Many of the guns taken last week came from vehicles parked outside nightclubs, apartment buildings and hotels,” MNPD officials said in a press release last week.

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Nashville Police Form New Violent Crimes Division

Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) Chief John Drake last week announced a new Violent Crimes Division to investigate car jackings, armed robberies, and other violent incidents of an apparent serial nature.

According to an MNPD press release, this new division becomes effective December 1.

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Nashville Community Oversight Board Seeks to Suspend MNPD Officer

Members of Nashville’s Community Oversight Board (COB) recommended unanimously this week that the Metro Nashville Police Department suspend a commander for reportedly executing a search warrant on the wrong family. This, according to Main Street Nashville, which said COB members recommended a 10-day suspension.

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Full Body-Worn and In-Car Camera Deployment Now Complete Across Metro Nashville Police

Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) Chief John Drake announced last week that full body-worn and in-car camera deployment across the entire MNPD is now complete. “After project completion at all eight precincts in mid-July, training and camera distribution continued to officers in all other remaining police department components,” according to a press release that the MNPD published.

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Body Cam Footage Shows Nashville Police Officer Shooting and Killing Man Who Threatened Him with Butcher Knives

A Metro Nashville Police Department (MNPD) officer on Saturday morning shot and killed a man who charged at the officer while carrying two butcher knives. The incident happened during a routine traffic stop at Clarksville Pike and Ed Temple Boulevard, said MNPD spokesman Don Aaron at a press conference Saturday.

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Nashville Officials Unveil New Strategies They Say Will Reduce Crime

Nashville Mayor John Cooper and Metro Nashville Police Chief John Drake announced Monday that they are restructuring law enforcement resources to reduce the city’s violent crime rates. And as a part of that restructuring, officials will intervene in young people’s lives before they repeat any violent behaviors, the two men said.

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Nashville Police Announce Five-Member Group Will Review 2019 Response to Bombing Suspect Anthony Warner’s Home

Metro Nashville Police (MNPD) Chief John Drake today announced that five people will lead an After Action Review of the MNPD’s response to bombing suspect Anthony Warner’s Bakertown Road home in August 2019. Three of the five people come from outside the police department.

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Mayor John Cooper Announces Detective John Drake as New Metro Nashville Police Chief

Veteran Detective and Interim Chief John Drake has been selected as Metro Nashville Police Department’s new chief, Mayor John Cooper announced Monday at a press conference.

Drake, 56, is a Nashville native who began his MNPD career in 1988 and has served in a number of jobs throughout the department, the city said in a press release here.

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Sean Feucht Proves Critics Wrong, Points Out Not a Single Attendee of Nashville Worship Rally Contracted COVID-19

Christian evangelist and worship leader Sean Feucht said that Metro Nashville Mayor John Cooper could not trace a single coronavirus case to his Let Us Worship prayer rally on October 11.

Feucht on Thursday posted on his public Facebook page, “Nashville Mayors Office today confirms ZERO new cases tracked to our #LetUsWorship. (and they looked real hard too). Someone tell the squad at @rollingstone @cnn @abcnews @nbcnews @cbsnews PLS.”

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After Nearly Ten Thousand People Gather for Nashville Worship Event, Metro Public Health Investigating to File Charges

An estimated nine to ten thousand people attended a “Let Us Worship” protest in downtown Nashville on late Sunday afternoon. The event was hosted by Sean Feucht, a Christian artist known for his leadership in the California-based megachurch, Bethel Church.

Attendees flocked to the Public Square in downtown Nashville, in front of Metro Courthouse. The day of the event, Feucht announced in a Twitter video the last-minute arrangements for time and location.

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Police Arrest 4, Cite 42 in Nashville Over Weekend for Violating Mask Mandates

Nashville Metro police arrested 4 people and cited 42 others for violating mask mandates over the weekend on Broadway.

The police wrote 20 citations on Friday, 18 on Saturday, and four on Sunday. One arrest was made Friday, and three were made Saturday.

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