Ohio Lawmakers Look to Crack Down on ‘Hooning’

Ohio lawmakers proposed a new bill to curb reckless driving in the state.

State Representatives Phil Plummer (R-Dayton) and Kevin Miller (R-Newark) introduced House Bill (HB) 740, which would prohibit hooning on public roads or private property open to the public. Other things the bill would prohibit are speed racing, performing dangerous 360-degree “donuts,” and allowing passengers to ride outside of open windows.

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Ohio Lawmakers Pick Replacement for Expelled State Legislator

Republican members of the Ohio House of Representatives selected a new state legislator to replace former Speaker of the House Larry Householder — who was expelled from his position earlier this month.

The lawmakers selected Ohio State Highway Patrol staff Lt. Kevin Miller, one of 19 applicants — of which included Householder’s son — for the position and a resident of Franklin Township. 

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