Duke University Surgeons Deny 14-Year-Old Girl a Kidney Transplant Because of Her COVID Vaccine Status

Doctors at Duke University Hospital are refusing to perform a life-saving kidney transplant operation on a 14-year-old girl because she has not received a COVID injection, even though she has natural immunity from a previous bout with the virus.

Yulia Hicks was adopted by a Christian family in North Carolina in January of 2021 after she came to the United States from Ukraine, the National File reported. Her parents, Chrissy and Lee Hicks, are Army veterans who have eleven children in all, eight biological and three adopted.

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Mayo Refuses Kidney Transplant for Another Unvaccinated Woman

Mayo Clinic has declined to consider a kidney transplant for a legally blind woman who has not received the COVID vaccine, her grandparents told Alpha News.

Belinda Kuhn told Alpha News that her granddaughter Courtney, a 33-year-old mother from Rochester, was not even able to get pre-checked for the transplant list.

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Exclusive: Minnesota Health System Denying Kidney Transplant to Unvaccinated Woman

A Minnesota man says his wife, who is in dire need of a kidney transplant, is being denied treatment because she is not vaccinated against COVID-19. 

Glenn Wilson transcribed an email from the M Health Fairview hospital system sent transplant patients, describing its guidelines for those patients to receive a transplant. 

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